Reliable Helical Pier Installation in Hugo, MN, and the Surrounding Areas

Foundation Stability Mastered

Structural instability due to shifting soil is a common concern, leading to stress and significant repair costs. In Hugo, MN, Land of 10,000 Fixes offers a specialized solution with our helical pier installation service. We address the underlying issues of settlement and movement, providing peace of mind and a solid base for your construction. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring long-term stability and integrity for your building, deck, or structure. Say goodbye to foundation worries with our service.

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Groundbreaking Foundation Solutions

Our helical pier installation service provides a reliable solution for structural challenges, ensuring your foundation is on solid ground. Through detailed site assessments, we tackle soil obstacles head-on, setting the stage for a stable foundation. The process involves mechanically screwing helical piers—screw-like steel shafts with helical blades—into the ground. This technique is ideal for buildings, decks, and structures at risk of settlement or movement. By reaching stable soil layers or bedrock, our method delivers unmatched support and stability, effectively preventing future settlement. Opt for us to secure a foundation that lasts.

Start Building on Solid Ground Today

At Land of 10,000 Fixes in Hugo, MN, we’re committed to delivering foundation solutions that last. Our helical pier installation service is designed to address and rectify the challenges of soil instability and structural settlement. With our expertise in helical piles foundation and helical pier installation, we guarantee a secure foundation for your project. Don’t let foundation concerns undermine your peace of mind; reach us to ensure your structure’s stability and durability from the ground up.

Helical Pier Footings

Advantages of our Helical Pier Installation

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No concrete, no mess
  • Will not heave, crack, or settle, unlike concrete and pin type footings
  • Can be removed and reused
  • Can be installed rain or shine and all year round
  • Locally owned, certified installers
  • Made of high quality US steel
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